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PhyllBea's of Amery
Who Is PhyllBea?

PhyllBea’s of Amery is the name we chose for our shop because it honors our mothers, Phyllis and Beatrice, who both loved to shop for items out of the ordinary. You’ll see Phyllis in the store from time to time, performing a quality control inspection, just to be sure that no junk ever enters through the backdoor or on the showroom floor. SHE WOULD NOT ALLOW IT! Bea is quietly watching over the place from above, her “touch” is throughout the store.

We’re Barb, (Phyllis’s daughter) and Pat, (Bea’s son). PhyllBea's!  We both grew up in Wisconsin, Barb in La Crosse and Pat, in Algoma. After college, we ended up moving from St. Louis to the Twin Cities in 1987. In 1994, we bought a place on Bone Lake, just north of Amery and have loved this area ever since. We both had careers in the Twin Cities, Barb in insurance and Pat  in financial services.

Both of our daughters have grown up on Bone Lake on summer weekends over the past twenty-five + years and were very instrumental in helping launch PhyllBea's in 2012.  Now they have their own careers as Registered Nurses in Minneapolis and Ft. Myers.

Oh, by the way, don’t forget to check out Dick and Larry’s Man Cave, (just behind the checkout area) which has been named after both of our fathers. You might just see Dick, (Barb’s father) scrutinizing all of the stuff in there. Larry, (Pat’s father) no doubt will have his presence felt, possibly whispering to you that he wished he had a place like this in Northeastern Wisconsin “back in the day”. 

So, come on in and browse until your heart is content.   Also keep in mind that this is just our first store; we have our sights set on Times Square, Downtown Disney, Fisherman’s Wharf and the Lambeau Field Atrium. 

Thank You!
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